These are the questions that can be answered with a short paragraph and don’t need a full article to themselves.

You will still find some FAQ here that are full articles but you will simply find the link to the article. Click away! 

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Will Coffee Grounds Keep Chipmunks Away?

Possibly – see my article on using coffee grounds to keep deer away. I’m pretty sure I mention small ground animals like chipmunks and squirrels.

Can Vitamix Grind Coffee?

Yes it can grind coffee, the better question is. Should you use a Vitamix Blender to grind coffee? No – you shouldn’t. The results will be very mixed as you will have whole beans, partially crushed beans and fine powder. If you are desperate and its your only hope then go for it. Blend the crap out of it and make espresso powder. Careful though as the finer grinds are not as “filter friendly”

Is Iced Coffee Legal in Canada?

You gotta love TikTok. Yes, all forms of coffee are legal in Canada, including iced coffee. This all started from someone on TikTok saying it wasn’t and then the hordes of brainless social media-ites believed it was real…. I mean if it wasn’t real it wouldn’t be on the internet right?

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Succulents?

Take a look at my post on gardening with coffee grounds. 

How to Make Coffee Alkaline

See these posts on ideas to help you get through your new found joy of GERD

Coffee & Omeprazole: What to know

5+ Amazing Benefits of Drinking Date Seed Coffee

Alkaline Coffee: A Low Acidic Alternative for Coffee Lovers Everywhere

Does Cinnamon Reduce Acid in Coffee?

Does Cold Brew Coffee Go Bad?

Drink it faster and you wont have to ask this question. With any liquid stored in the refrigerator it is more likely to pick up flavors from your refrigerator than it is to go bad. The one you should worry about is your creamer. Regardless of the type of “milk” it will have a shelf life and will go rancid. Read on here.

Will Coffee Grounds Keep Deer Away from Hostas?

Take. a look at this post here – Hostas are a favorite of deer so extra precautions will need to be taken. 

Is Coffee Alkaline?

Nope. It’s fairly acidic. With some help though, you can make it more neutral and therefore easier on your stomach. Read these articles.

5+ Amazing Benefits of Drinking Date Seed Coffee

Coffee & Omeprazole: What to know

Alkaline Coffee: A Low Acidic Alternative for Coffee Lovers Everywhere

What are some Enzyme Coffee for Weight Loss Reviews?

This trend is more about people praying on those looking to loose extra weight.  There is no science of any form to back up this concept. The enzymes they refer to in their “special” coffee are naturally occurring in ALL coffee. Don’t buy into it. 

How Many Times Can You Use The Same Coffee Grounds?

It all depends on the coffee and your brewing method. Some coffee can be used for a second brew although the results will be a weak pot of coffee with not a lot of caffeine. To me when testing making a 2nd batch the coffee always tastes like dirty tobacco. 

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